The locations, characters, and events that correspond in the story come mostly through general life experiences and how I see the world in the direction that it’s sadly taking. How the story eventually plays out came from dreams I had far and in between. This, for me was my form of art, I am a huge art and music fan and encourage all types of art. Playing drums since elementary school until now really helped me overcome my struggles, losing myself in hypnotic lyrics that teleport me to other worlds. At the end of the day, this story was just an idea that I had that later grew into a passion. Maybe you could relate, understand, and accept where I’m coming from. If not, maybe I will leave you asking yourself a question, seeing life through a new and different lens.

Author Daniel Scuderi

It started off as a dream, later an idea, then J.J. Hebert made it into a reality. A little bit about myself, I guess we can ironically start from the beginning. My name is Daniel. I’m 23 now and was in my early teens when I started this journey in writing my first book. Being a special inclusion student all throughout school and college, I suffer from constant anxiety and on and off depression, even to this day. My struggles, like getting over the death of a loved one, have gotten easier to deal with, but still linger in the back of my head. Young and stupid, I let it control and dictate my thoughts and how I perceive the world.

Born and raised in Long Island NY, I over time have seen friends and family come and go like seasons. This book to me, was an escape, in that, all the books we read in school made me hate reading. Looking back at it now, I wish I could have realized the flaws in the education system while I was in school, not only in the schooling curriculum, but in society as well. From a young age, I’ve been told my whole life I was special. I knew I was special, but not in the way I was told to believe.